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Training program

Packaging and materials training

PURE Laboratoire offers a wide range of training courses on the international regulation of food contact packaging and materials. Whether for an initiation or to become an expert in your turn, whether you are manufacturers or users of packaging, you will find in our different formulas content tailored to your needs and enriched with many concrete cases.

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Target customer :
  • Food industry (Quality, R & D, Purchasing, Production)
  • Winery & Spirits manufacturers (Quality, R & D, Purchasing, Production)
  • Retail (Quality, Purchasing)
  • Packaging Manufacturers (Quality, R & D, Commercial, Laboratory)
Duration / Level:
  • Initiation: 1 day
  • Mastery: 2 days
  • Expert: duration to be defined together
réglementation internationale
  • France & Europe,
  • USA,
  • International, …

Our inter-companies solutions:


PURE Laboratoire offers several times a year in different regions of France, sessions in inter-companies. Participatory and user-friendly, these trainings are an opportunity to make progress on food contact regulations and to share your daily experiences and to enrich you with those of your colleagues.


Strasbourg / Paris / Lyon / Quimper / Others


February / June / September / December

Training program:

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Food contact initiation (1 day)


Food contact mastery (2 days)

Our intra-company solutions:

PURE Laboratoire can move around your premises to offer you a training program specifically tailored to your needs.
Several teaching formats exist depending on the internal services to be trained, the desired level of expertise and the regulatory scope to be studied.
We can also advise you to build tailor made program together!

Agri-food Industries (AFI):

For small society or large industrial groups, we have developed a specific program that covers the main regulatory requirements related to packaging and process materials used in the food industry.
Studies on your own cases!

Training program

AFI Initiation (1 day)

Training program

AFI Master’s degree (2 days)

Wine & Spirits Houses (W & S):

The production of alcoholic beverages requires the use of special process materials, as well as liquid-specific packaging solutions (Cork, BiB, etc.). Our trainings treat the current articles until the most luxurious…
Studies on your own cases!

Training program

W&S Initiation (1 day)

Training program

W&S Master’s degree (2 days)

Manufacturers of Packaging & Materials (P&M):

Ensuring the conformity of packaging put on the market requires a solid knowledge of food contact material regulations. Our programs cover all types of materials, as well as inks, glues, varnishes, …
Studies on your own cases!

Training program

P&M Initiation (1 Day)

Training program

P&M Master’s degree (2 days)

Custom trainings:

Do you need very specific content or a particular format? Let’s build your training together with:

  • Common core:
    The fundamentals of the European and French regulations will form the basis of the tailor-made program.
  • Choice among specific material modules:
    1 or more modules on glues, inks, varnishes, wood, corks, metals & alloys, rubbers, silicones, paper / cardboard, …
  • Choice among international regulations:
    1 or more modules on the FDA, Mercosur, China, …
  • Studies on your own concrete cases!