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Extension of scope of COFRAC accreditation

We are happy to announce that our COFRAC accreditation scope has grown since the start of the 2019 academic year.

For the material part in contact with food products, we can now render under COFRAC accreditation, the global migration analysis reports in simulant D2 (Oil – fatty contact). This parameter is added to the analyzes of global migrations on the Cell and by Total Immersion, which were already accredited on aqueous simulants (Ethanol 10%, 20%, 50%, Acetic acid 3%, …).
For the verification of the conformity of certain corks (valves), our COFRAC scope now extends to analyzes of bottle migrations. We thus have a recognized and complete knowledge on the tests of global migrations.

For players in the world of Wine and Spirits and more specifically the corking, we are now accredited for quantitative analysis of Haloanisoles (including TCA) on the “Wine” matrix. We can therefore now analyze moldy tastes and smells (cork taste), under COFRAC accreditation in both wines and cork valve, attesting to our expertise on the subject.

We remain at your disposal for further information (06 46 13 34 50 or friera@purelaboratoire.com) and please find attached our updated COFRAC accreditation scope.


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