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EU Recommendation N°2019-794 on packaging migrants

French and European consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety of packaging in contact with food. Initiatives are multiplying within NGOs to carry out inspections in the field and certain industrialists and retail chains are strengthening their requirements on the regulatory compliance of materials intended for food contact.

On the basis of the RASFF alert system, the European Commission has published recommendation 2019-794 setting a coordinated control plan on migrants from packaging, to be carried out by member countries. Certain “risky” materials and substances of “concern” are clearly targeted for official controls.

As an expert in food contact, PURE LABORATOIRE explains for you through its October Newsletter, the main points to remember regarding EU recommendation N ° 2019-794 on migrants in packaging.

More than ever, we are by your side to help you prepare for the year 2020 and advise you in controlling the risk of “packaging / materials in contact with food”.

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