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Business Continuity Plan

In view of the present health crisis linked to the epidemic of Coronavirus « Covid19 », PURE LABORATOIRE has launched its business continuity plan and its analysis services.

From the beginning of the crisis, we informed our employees through various displays and reminders of hygiene instructions, including gestures and cleaning of our premises to slow the spread of the epidemic.

We keep ourselves regularly informed of the development of the spread of Covid19 and of the restrictive measures which are applied day by day.

At the moment, we are maintaining our analysis activity and we have implemented various actions

  • with our employees:
    • By keeping them informed daily of our action plans,
    • By favoring working from home for employees who can benefit from it,
    • By intensifying the actions of cleaning and disinfection of our premises (lab benches, floors, doors, sanitary facilities, …)
    • By reminding government instructions and gestures to slow the spread of the epidemic
    • Due to our activity, this action was already implemented, by the use of disposable gloves for laboratory activities and dedicated individual masks for our employees
    • The impact on our activity of the closure of nurseries and schools is low because very few of our employees are affected.
  • In term of our supplies:
    • We have already put in place with our suppliers delivery plans with our critical suppliers (consumables, reagents, solvents, …) in order to guarantee minimum stocks
    • Let us follow in real time the state of our stocks in order to anticipate possible shortages
    • Suppliers’ deliveries take place outside the company and are disinfected before unpacking
  • In terms of exchanges with the « outside »:

Our laboratory is located in a lightly contamined area at the moment and is not a structure welcoming public so the direct impact is non-existent (no one has contamination) and the indirect impact is low.

We do not move or hardly to customers because we receive directly by mail or transporter the samples to analyse. Only training activities for our customers are postponed to a later date in order to protect our customers and our employees.

If the situation should change, we will not fail to keep you informed in particular about any delays related to the analysis of your samples in progress in our laboratory.

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