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à propos de nous

PURE Laboratoire is above all, a human adventure! It is men and women who enjoy working together and who share their skills together every day to bring innovative solutions to their customers. The know-how and the knowledge to be « together », to go always further!

Our history:

à propos de nous - historique

Founded in 2006 by an expert in analytical chemistry and materials regulation in the wine & spirits industry, the laboratory integrates GAEA since its creation. Composed of several design offices and an analytical platform, this group will become in 2009 PURE Environment. During this period, the laboratory develops its expertise in food contact on all types of materials and in water analysis for which it obtains a COFRAC accreditation.

In 2015, faced with the growing demand for food contact, the laboratory decided to focus on this market, deploying a complete offer (analysis, training, consulting, …).

After several years of privileged relations with the CARSO Group, a major player in control analysis in Europe, the laboratory was bought in 2017 from PURE Environnement. From now, it is under the name of PURE Laboratoire that this subsidiary completes by its expertise, the global offer of CARSO and pursues thanks to additional means, its development by extending its know-how to the analysis of food matrices of all type.

Today, the laboratory is accredited and recognized for its expertise in food contact and its ability to offer tailor-made solutions to its customers.

Our analytical platform:

platforme analytique de Pure Laboratoire
implantation Pure Laboratoire

Based in Perpignan (France) since 2006, PURE Laboratoire has new premises since the end of 2016.


Designed in a forward-thinking logic, the Laboratory has spaces dedicated to each analytical step. Since the reception of your samples, their storage in optimal conditions (ambient, fresh, frozen, dehydrated, …), the preparation of the simulated tests, the chromatographic analyzes then the interpretation of the results, … the whole organization of the laboratory is planned to guarantee the confidentiality of the samples but also the quality of our analyzes.


High-performance analytical park with multiple technologies available: GC-MS / MS, HPLC-UV / Fluo, LC-GC / FID, IRTF, ASE, SPME, HeadSpace (HS), Thermodesorption, Purge & Trap, UV Spectrometer, …

locaux pure laboratoire
appareillage Pure Laboratoire
appareillage Pure Laboratoire
appareillage Pure Laboratoire

Our quality system:

système qualité Pure Laboratoire

Scope n ° 1-6506 available on www.cofrac.fr

logo cofrac
gestion de la qualité
Quality management:

Led by an on-site Quality Manager, our quality system meets all the requirements of IS0 17025. Control charts, metrology, procedure updates, internal audits, … are among the many missions performed on a daily basis.

fiabilité de nos résultats
Reliability of our results:

Regular participation in several inter-laboratory tests (Fapas, DRRR, Bipea …), the analysis of reference materials, the performance of numerous internal quality controls and audits of our colleagues in the CARSO Group or of our clients, are the guarantors of reliable, repeatable and accurate results.

analyses sous accréditation COFRAC
Analyzes under accreditation COFRAC:

Our analytical know-how is validated by COFRAC auditors and is the subject of a regular renewal and requests for extensions to increase our scope of accreditation as much as possible.

Our values:

les valeurs de Pure Laboratoire

Whether internally or externally, we strive to respect the people around us. On the one hand, we support all staff in their professional achievement. On the other hand, it is with a lot of pedagogy and sincerity that we offer our clients the best solutions for them and not those that best serve our interests.

innovation Pure Laboratoire
Innovation :

Whether through the acquisition of new technologies, the development of new analyzes, the realization of developments in ways, the extension of our scope of accreditation, … we never stop working with our R & D department to offer our customers services that meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

partage Pure Laboratoire

Because we all learn from each other, we co-build our offer with our customers. We strive to make our expertise accessible to all and we open ourselves in all humility to the knowledge of our various interlocutors.

technicité Pure Laboratoire

Ensuring a daily regulatory and technical watch, constantly offering the best solutions to our customers, this is our definition of expertise. This constant questioning, this desire to evolve, to improve, is simply in our DNA.

Our scope of action:

périmètre d’action Pure Laboratoire
secteur France Pure Laboratoire

Historical sector of the laboratory, with a coverage on the whole national territory, that it is at the level of the large distribution, the agro-alimentary industry, the manufacturers of packaging or the suppliers of raw materials / chemicals.

Secteur Union Européenne Pure Laboratoire
European Union (EU) and Switzerland:

Through partnerships with major groups and the follow-up of some of their suppliers, we have to work on the European territory, as well on the Mediterranean rim as in the Benelux or the rest of the union.

secteur international Pure Laboratoire

At a time of globalization, imports of packaging or raw materials come from all over the world. We evaluate products from China and Asia, USA and other continents.

The CARSO Group – leader in analysis:

Carso Group Commercial brochure

logo groupe carso

2,500 employees, including:

  • 500 engineers and doctors of science in chemistry, biology …
  • 1,900 technicians specialized in chemistry and biology …
  • 50 computer engineers
  • 50 qualified customer service representatives

40 locations:

  • France: more than 30 locations in France
  • Foreign: 10 locations and many partnerships

More than 30 million parameters analyzed / year and 190 million euros in revenue in 2018

Our address:

Groupe CARSO
4 Avenue Jean Moulin – CS 30228
69633 Vénissieux – France


+33 4 72 76 16 16

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